marvinmatic asked: Thanks for following. Even though I don't update. Haha. Who's your top 3 Batman Villains?

1. Poision Ivy
2. Joker
3. Penguin

Was supposed to do 3 hours of library work but then our school counselor decided to make me head of a school org for young moms in exchange for her signature on my clearance. Soooo…dagdag trabaho -_-


pour one out to the neopets we left for dead


marvinmatic asked: Heyyoo! How many tatts do you have?

I have 4! Lower back, right shoulder, inner right ankle, and right thigh. :)

Anonymous asked: Song suggestions?

Heroes - David Bowie
Twenty twenty surgery - taking back sunday
Betty’s a bombshell - grouplove
Lover’s spit - feist
Suntok sa buwan - session road
Tear you apart - she wants revenge

Those are all top of mind.

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite part of your body? Boobs or butt? :)

Neither. My eyes.

Anonymous asked: Hi, what do u wear right now?

My snoopy shirt and black shorts.

Anonymous asked: sorry. I remain anonymous. :)) I know you're not a fairy. There is just something in you that makes me want to mingle/talk/socialize with you. IDK. basta. gusto kita makilala pero may something. haha.

Okay then, hello :)

Anonymous asked: I know you're not masungit. It's just that there is something in your personality that scares/fascinates me. :D

I’m not some alluring fairy with superpowers. Pakilala ka :))

dbdaryl asked: Hi miss. ;)

Does DB stand for dimebag? As in dimebag darrell of pantera? HI

Anonymous asked: I want to be friends with you.. :/ It's just that I'm intimidated by your personality </3

Whaaat? I’m not masungit :p


Designer Amanda Nisbet, New York.

So dainty


Designer Amanda Nisbet, New York.

So dainty

Anonymous asked: sad its an anon blog wish i can see it :(

Malay mo finafollow mo na pala di mo lang alam na ako

Anonymous asked: What's the url of your anon blog? :)

Naman to. Secret. Anon blog nga e.